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Service Update - Full Time Mechanic Now on Staff  Brakes, Mufflers, Tires, Shocks, Struts, Full Engine Diagnosis and Engine Repair for your vehicle is now here at Buffalo Collision. Having car trouble?  Come in and get the reliability and service from Buffalo's premier collision repair shop.  Call 1 763 682 3135 today for a quote.

Buffalo Collision is your home town Collision Repair experts providing unmatched quality and service at a time when you need someone who knows what to do.

We understand how confusing insurance processes and paperwork can be, so that is why we assist each person to clarify and help smooth out your car and the insurance process.  Getting your vehicle back to better than it was is our way of showing our customers how much we care about them and their car.

More than just car repair . . . we handle specialiized cars from SMART cars and Hybrids to roadsters and classics.  We have also been known to get a few boats back in the water , and make airplanes look new again.

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“insurance company approved we handle the paperwork !”